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Since its inception, Pharma-Care, Inc. has set the standards in the field of consultant pharmacy.  With our long term care services our customers can expect each of our consultants to be a part of the interdisciplinary team. 
bulletDrug Regimen Review:  A key component of Pharma-Care, Inc.'s role is the monthly on-site Drug Regimen Review.   This is a comprehensive process in which the consultant reviews the residents' charts to monitor for medication efficacy, adverse drug reactions, side effects of the medication and therapeutic outcomes.
bulletQuality Improvement: Pharma-Care, Inc., consultants work with each facility on their quality improvement programs.  Our reporting system identifies and trends areas that may be out of compliance for the facility.  These reports are discussed at the quarterly meetings with the entire team and a plan of corrections is designed. A Medication Utilization Evaluation can be conducted at your facility to analyze a specific area that you have identified as needing improvement.
bulletCost Containment and Formulary Management Programs:  Cost containment is a vital component to any organization.  Our consultants will make recommendations to the facility based upon an individual resident's specific needs  They work with the medical director and administrative staff to achieve the goals of the resident and the facility.
bulletPain Management Program: The Pharma-Care, Inc. consultant is specially trained to help develop pain management protocols and policies with the facility.  Each program is specifically designed to evaluate and optimize patient outcomes.
bulletPsychotropic Drug Usage Analysis: Through Pharma-Care, Inc.'s computerization, facilities can compare their usage to that of other facilities of similar size and type within the state. 



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