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Success in today's business world requires the kind of quick, accurate, dependable information exchange achieved by stat-of-the-art computer and technology systems.  Staying on top in this rapidly changing environment, however, requires an expenditure of manpower and resources that many business just do not have.

At Pharma-Care, Inc., our Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) division has a staff of experienced computer professionals dedicated solely to meeting computer and technology needs. The IS&T is available to provide any business or industry - large or small - with the high quality of service that has come to be associated with Pharma-Care, Inc.

Our IS&T division can provide custom-designed computer and technology services to meet specific needs:


Computer software design and development - Custom programming services; value-added programs for enhancing office applications; proficiency in the most widely used computer languages and software such as Microsoft Office, CorelDraw, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, FrontPage, Ventura, and more.

bulletData conversion
bulletData mining and analysis
bulletGraphic design - Creation of flyers, brochures, announcements, newsletters, invitations, corporate identity, logo design, custom graphics.
bulletProject management
bulletMulti-media services - Design, develop, and support multi-media computerization for events including meetings, training, seminars, conferences, PowerPoint presentations, and voiceovers.
bulletEvent planning and support services - In conjunction with Pharma-Care, Inc.'s Educational Services division, IS&T can plan, promote, and support your entire event - publicity, registration, speakers, location, catering, accommodations, logistics.
bulletCD-ROM and DVD development - Handouts for marketing, presentations, trade show displays, company portfolios, product demonstrations, training, and sales.
bulletWebsite Design

IS&T provides specialized computer services to some of the largest and most well known names in industry. Projects have included creating proprietary software applications in the private and state sectors, drug utilization evaluations, retrospective research studies, data analysis, preprocessing routine for scheduling purposes, development of multi-media materials for educational programs, training seminars, and more.

Let Pharma-Care, Inc.'s IS&T division develops ways to improve the flow of information for your company. At every step of the process - from start to finish - we are there to:

bulletEvaluate your current work flow by observing the work environment and interviewing current users
bulletDesign program applications to meet specific needs
bulletTrain your staff on-site
bulletAnswer questions and provide support

Our Information Systems &Technology staff of professionals has had many years of experience in the computer field giving us access to a wide variety of resources in the industry. Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of our company, we can provide a wide range of services and can afford to keep our pricing competitive.

But, most important is Pharma-Care, Inc.'s commitment and reputation to providing the highest quality of service to our customers.




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