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"New admissions to a facility often present health care staff with issues that are particularly challenging. At the critical intake stage, staff needs to be aware of the new resident's medication regimen, potential side effects, and interactions. They should know if the medications affect cognition and if they put the resident at risk for falls." 


The Electronic Pharmacist Information Consultant (EPIC) is a unique pharmacy consulting service offered exclusively by Pharma-Care, Inc. EPIC provides a comprehensive medication review of a resident or patient within 48 business hours.

The EPIC service allows physicians, nurses, and health care staff to quickly receive critical information, individually tailored to a resident's circumstances. With early detection and notification, appropriate changes in a resident's medication regimen can be implemented in order to avoid the risks of adverse drug interactions and potentially dangerous side effects.

EPIC is a proactive service that promotes positive outcomes for residents and facilities.

Using EPIC for new & current residents in long term care facilities
New admissions to a long term care facility often enter after a hospital stay during which they may have been put on a number of new medications. At this most critical stage in their care, the health care staff may have to wait up to 30 days for the next scheduled visit by their pharmacy consultant for a review of the new resident's medication regimen. This wait puts the resident at risk for complications and possible hospitalization. Using EPIC hastens the medication review process by providing a complete and thorough assessment of a new admission.

In addition to improving the outcome for new residents, EPIC can be implemented for current residents placed on a new medication regimen or can help identify current residents who may be at risk for falls.

Using EPIC in other healthcare settings
EPIC use is not limited to long term care facilities. Medication review can be a valuable tool and is available to any environment where assessing medications can impact upon well-being. Such environments include assisted living facilities, transitional care units, medical day care, and group homes.

Implementing the EPIC service
EPIC is simple to implement. The requesting facility needs only to:

  1. Fax specific patient information to the EPIC administrator at Pharma-Care, Inc.
  2. The EPIC administrator promptly conducts a thorough medication review and assessment.
  3. Within 48 business hours, the administrator faxes back a comprehensive written report for medical and nursing staff review and suggests appropriate interventions based upon the information provided.

Using EPIC is cost-effective
According to a 2001 study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, adverse drug events increase the length of hospitalization by an average of 8 to 12 days and can add $16,000 to $24,000 in hospital costs. It also suggests that a significant number of adverse drug reactions can be prevented through the use of computerized monitoring systems. At just a few dollars per review, EPIC's fees are outweighed by the cost of redressing the complications from medication mismanagement, not to mention the loss of revenue for facilities.

EPIC reviews are available to non-client facilities as well as Pharma-Care, Inc. clients. EPIC reviews help fulfill JCAHO criteria and State of New Jersey Advisory Pharmacy Regulations.

But most importantly, EPIC can make the difference in the quality of care you deliver.





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