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A Review of our
Services for

The Pharma-Care, Inc.
Service Package Includes: 

  General supervision on policies and procedures for the direction, provision, and quality of all pharmaceutical services.

  Supervision of the procurement, storage, disposition, and administration of medications, needles, and syringes.

  Review of medical records and of all areas where medications are dispensed, administered, stored, or destroyed.

  Supervision of the records of receipt and disposition of all controlled drugs.

  Recommendations, plans for implementation, and continual assessment through dated, signed reports.

  Drug regimen reviews focusing on potential adverse reactions, drug interactions, medication dosages, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics.

  Availability for participation in Quality Assurance, Pharmaceutical Service, Infection Control, and Utilization Review Committees.

  InService education programs.

  Development and monitoring of policies and procedures for adverse drug reactions and medication errors.

  Patient medication counseling information.

  Benchmarking - Trending of infections, falls, number of treatments, census, resolution rate, and medication safety index.

Optional Value Added Services:

Corrective measures - Assistance with addressing deficiencies identified by state inspection by participating in a Plan of Correction, assessing corrective measures, and implementing quality assurance measures. 

Quality Assurance Evaluations Analyze and prepare recommendations for specific areas identified by a facility as needing improvement.

Additional educational programs Educational services including patient and nursing programs, seminars, newsletters, and distribution of educational videos & CDs

New Jersey Health and Senior Services Regulations 8:43A-24.19 for Chronic Dialysis Services requires:
"The facility shall retain a consultant pharmacist who has no affiliation with the pharmacy that provides services to the facility, the facility in which services are provided, or any of their affiliates."


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