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"Today's advanced drug therapies are creating medical miracles - able to stamp out serious illness and disease or manage chronic conditions. From this era in medicine, a whole new specialty has emerged - the pharmacy consultant. These professionals work alongside physicians and nurses to provide safe and effective medication review and management for patients."  Contact us!

Since 1976, Pharma-Care, Inc. has been setting the standard in the field of consultant pharmacy. Our pharmacy consultants provide services to a variety of health care facilities such as long term care, assisted living, residential care, adult medical day care, outpatient health clinics, same-day surgery centers, intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled, psychiatric hospitals, subacute health care units, and pediatric facilities.

Consultants are continually kept abreast of the latest developments on drug interactions along with clinical outcomes, quality assurance, and state and federal regulations.

Our reputation for the highest quality service has enabled us to become the largest such provider in New Jersey. It may also be why, since 1987, the New Jersey Department of Human Services has continuously chosen Pharma-Care, Inc. to provide consultant pharmacy services to state psychiatric hospitals, facilities for the developmentally disabled and veteran homes.

Pharma-Care, Inc. provides an unparalleled scope of services
Committee representation: Our consultants actively participate in the Quality Assurance, the Pharmacy & Therapeutics, and the Infection Control Committees of client facilities and provide them with comprehensive reporting.

Cost Containment & Formulary Management: Recognizing that cost considerations are vital to any organization, consultants work with the medical director and administrative staff to achieve the goals of patients and the facility in a cost-effective manner.

Disease State Management Programs: Our consultants help facilities better coordinate their programs improving both patient care and financial outcomes.

Drug Information Searches: Consultants can research and provide information about specific medications, their indications, interactions, and dosing

Drug Regimen Review: Consultants provide a comprehensive monthly on-site review of each patient's charts. They also monitor for medication efficacy, adverse drug reactions, side effects of medications, and therapeutic outcomes.

Facility Inspections, Assessment, & Monitoring: Consultants continually conduct inspections of all areas where medications are dispensed, administered, and stored; assess pharmaceutical services and staff; and monitor the system of record-keeping for drugs.

Medication Pass Review: Monthly medication pass observations are conducted to assist staff in maintaining regulatory compliance.

Psychotropic Drug Usage Analysis: Our computer analysis of statewide usage data helps our clients compare their usage to that of other facilities of similar size and type within the state.

Quality Improvement: Our reporting system identifies areas in a facility that may be out of compliance. Reports are discussed at quarterly meetings with the entire team and a plan of corrections is designed.

Staff Inservice Education Programs: Professional, timely inservice programs for continuing education credits are held for staff regularly.

State-of-the-art Computerization: Consultants conduct their review with a laptop computer equipped with the latest drug interaction software ensuring a thorough, up-to-date, and quick report to the facility administrator. Pharma-Care, Inc.'s in-house computer department has developed specialized software to provide clients with quarterly reports that identify problems and recommend solutions. Literature searches and detailed patient analyses are available.

In addition to our contracted services, Pharma-Care, Inc. can assist with development and distribution of educational videos & CD's; development and presentation of courses for nurses and pharmacy; health fairs; patient education programs; JCAHO preparation; Medication Usage Evaluation; Pain Management Protocols and Policies; Psychiatric Advocacy; Prospective Patient Review Services; Electronic Pharmacist Information Consultant (EPIC); State Survey Preparation and Corrective Measures; Unit Inspections and more.




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